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We Sell & Install Remote Car Starters in Calgary

Get a remote car starter and don’t shiver through a rush-hour commute in a biting Calgary winter again! If your car has been freezing in the office parking lot all day, or baking on your driveway in the summer, use your remote starter to start the car and turn on the heater or air conditioner so your car is ready for a comfortable drive.

Beyond Comfort: Engine Performance, Safety & Security
Your remote car starter offers you and your car benefits beyond comfort. You’ll get longer life and better performance from your engine if you warm it up before you start driving in cold weather. You’ll also find it easier to clear the snow and ice off your car’s glass surfaces when they’ve warmed up a bit – meaning you’re less likely to drive out of the parking lot with the safety hazard of a hastily and partially cleared windshield.
Don’t worry that your car will be stolen when you use a remote start. The key must be in the ignition, or within the vehicle (for those cars with push-button start), for the car to be driven.
Brand Name Remote Car Starters & Expert Installation
Kensington Auto sells and installs the following top brands of remote car starters. Choose the one that offers you the capabilities you want at a price that fits your budget!
  • Viper
  • Automate
  • Compustar
  • Autostart
  • iDataStart
Once you’ve made your choice, do yourself a favour and let us install your remote car starter: late model cars have very advanced electronics and unless you have some experience, you can damage both your new starter and your car with an improper installation. Kensington Auto has installed a lot of remote car starters in Calgary cars and our technicians have the experience to ensure safe and reliable installation.
Winter is coming! Get ready for it with a remote car starter from Kensington Auto.
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